2 Overview of Youth Exchange

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District 7080 Canada
Youth Exchange Manual
Chapter 2
Overview of Rotary Youth Exchange
 (see specific Chapters for detail)    
The operation of RYE in each Rotary district is autonomous from any Rotary International administration.  The program and rules of each District are similar but are developed and promoted by its District Youth Exchange Committee.


·         Encouraging participation in the program.

·         Establishing guidelines for the successful operation of the program.

·         Arranging exchanges with Rotary districts in other countries.

·         Assisting clubs by providing information and helping solve any problems which may arise. (See also Chapter 5)

·         Preparing Outbound and Inbound students with orientation meetings, and arranging for participation in cultural and social activities for all students in the district.



All students will follow the rules of the district in which they are located at the time.


 The following is a list of countries with which we either do, or have, exchanged.  Circumstances change so we may or may not be exchanging with a specific country at present.

Argentina, Austria, Australia,  Belgium,  Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark,  Ecuador, Finland,  France,  Germany,  Greece,  Hungary, India, Italy,  Japan,  Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand,  Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines,  South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand,  Venezuela,.


Applicants are expected to enter the program with a willingness to accept with an open mind whichever country to which they are assigned.  The interests, strengths and limitations of applicants will be considered in deciding their placement.


 The exchange program is based on the students' own school years.  Inbound students may arrive in August or January depending on their country of origin.  Outbound students depart between mid-June to early-September depending upon the destination and its school calendar.  Most Outbound departures are in July and August.


The District RYE Committee establishes the framework in which the clubs and students participate.  The committee supports the activities of the clubs with student events, orientation sessions for new arrivals and Outbounds, information and materials, rules of conduct and behaviour standards. 


 This is a one year exchange program and except under extenuating circumstances students are expected to remain on exchange for at least 11 months.  Summer arrivals should be here until at least the end of the school year; January arrivals are expected to spend Christmas and New Years in Canada.

Sometimes a hosting district will send a student home for reasons such as failure to observe the rules and standards of the program. The committee will usually try to find a way to save the exchange rather than return a student home.  

Occasionally a tragedy or medical emergency may necessitate the return of the student. The student’s natural parents may be involved as participants in the return.