Building our Rotary brand and public awareness is crucial to our growth and success. 

Telling powerful stories is an effective way to develop branding as a component of our Rotary public image. Here are 7 tips to developing and telling your stories well.
1) Be Authentic - to create genuine connections. You don’t need to force anyone to like or love you by altering your true self or that of Rotary. You are always selling yourself, so embrace the process without fear.
2) Your Why - Always go back to your why, which helps define your identity, influence your motivation and creates clarity. Stay grounded and      realize that content should be focused from the audience's point of view.
3) Be Motivated - with your purpose or goal. Always go back to your purpose to drive forward. You want to effect change. When you know your purpose, it helps choose good content for clarity.
4) Connect with Media - Know how the news cycle works. Develop a compelling story with your key points and then share it. The media is looking for their angle so don’t resist or be disappointed if they change the direction.
5) Great Brands & Campaigns - You need good stories to build and support your brand, in addition to the product or service you are promoting. Tell why you do what you do and the purpose behind it.4 Key Parts to a Brand are:
a) Leadership of group, b) Endorsers, c) Staff or people doing the activity, and d) the use/benefit of your good service or product.
A good process also plays an important role in branding. How and Why do people benefit from your service or product . . . Share that. Often you are promoting “experiences” or a “better life” vs products.
6) Quality & Excellence - Be true to what you believe in, such as: people, product, customer service and your end goal/purpose. Other items have little effect without quality. Authentic excellence with a focus on the “Why” drives results with a positive customer/public relationship.
7) Problems & Pain Points - Always strive to address problems or paint points and how your service/product can reduce or eliminate these for the customer. Social media is now a microscope for the public to look at and compare your organization, product and brand.
Experiences & Stories
Stories - are what drive your public image and awareness results.
Experiences - are what helps you to tell and share better stories, for effectiveness.
Content was shared at: D3800 Public Image Seminar. For video go to Doug Vincent on YouTube
(Playlist: Rotary—Public Image Part 2)