The Rotary Club of Brampton Flower City Centennial is a relatively small but active club. The COVID 19 Pandemic affected both of our primary fund-raising events from last years. Notwithstanding our members continues to serve the community. They were able to identify several causes where the club could be of assistance.
One of our projects involved supporting a young immigrant family that was in dire need after the father fell seriously ill. The members of the club pooled funds together and our club made a matching contribution. We were able to raise in excess of $5000.00 for this family. In addition, in the spirit of the holiday season, our members packed a substantial gift basket for the children of this family.
The second initiative was to support one of the poorer schools in the Brampton area. Collectively the club raised $1,150.00. We then reached out to one of our supporters who owns a grocery store and with his contribution we were able to put together groceries to provide 30 Boxes for 30 Families. He also donated a $25.00 gift card to the families for future use. With all of our efforts combined we were able to feed 45 plus families to ensure they would have meals over the holidays.
In our next project we provided financial assistance to the Knights Table. On an ongoing basis this organization provides meals to the Brampton needy community. Again, the members pooled their resources and the club made a matching contribution. We also donated 50 cloth masks to this organization. The donation given will help the organization, as they will need to purchase non-perishable items, sanitary products as well as hygiene items.
As the Pandemic continues to be prevalent in 2021, our club ensures to search for opportunities where we could be of service and help each other through these uncertain times.