District 7080 is among the very first districts in Rotary International to achieve First Class Status under incoming Rotary International President Ron Burton's First Class Initiative.

Rotary International President Elect challenged all 500 plus Districts Governors Elect to make a personal contribution to The Rotary Foundation to make the 2013-14 Governors class the FIRST CLASS of Governors Elect to be fully engaged in the foundation. In January at the Governors Elect training in San Diego PE Ron announced that the challenge was met.

Following PE Ron's lead Mike Gauthier, District 7080's District Governor Elect, challenge all of this year's class of Presidents Elect to do the same. On Saturday March 23 Mike had the pleasure to announce that all of the Presidents Elect met the challenge making District 7080 FIRST CLASS.

President Elect Ron's staff confirmed that although District 7080 was not the very first District to become First Class it is indeed among the very first to do so.

It is great to see all of our Presidents Elect Engaged personally with the foundation. Just think of how many more Lives will Change because of these contributions.