Erin Rotary River Trail Opening
September 29, 2018
Don Fysh, Past President
Rotary Club of Erin
  • The Rotary Club of Erin’s motto is “Energize Erin!”.  To us that means a commitment to cultivate a better community for all who live in and love Erin.
  • It means supporting the community through projects that will enhance the quality of life and vibrancy of our town.
  • Erin Rotary has embraced the River Trail project because we believe that it has many of the elements that will enhance our community and will “Energize Erin”.
  • The trails will feature the West Credit River, one of our most important natural and heritage assets.
  • It will contribute to physical well-being by providing an accessible trail system open to walkers, runners, and bicycle riders.
  • It will inform our citizens, and more importantly our children, about our natural habitats and the importance of the West Credit River in the history of our villages.
  • It will provide a natural link from our downtown businesses to a beautiful recreational asset. 
  • It will draw tourism dollars to our community as a venue for cycling and fundraising events.
  • Rotary is contributing to the Erin Rotary River Trail project both financially and as an active participant in the Erin Rotary River Trail Committee. 
  • Today we are opening Phase 1 of the River Trail project.  This is a modest first step.  Our vision is to create an extensive network of trails in the villages of Erin and Hillsburgh and interconnecting through the Elora – Cataract Trailway.
  • The Committee is now planning Phase 2 to extend the trail along the river from Riverside Park to Dundas Street.  We have taken a baby step with Phase 1 and now we are ready to take a much bigger step.
  • In support of our commitment Erin Rotary is making a financial contribution to the trail system.  Today it is Rotary’s great pleasure to present the Erin Rotary River Trail with a $15,000 contribution to the planning and development of Phase 2.