Our district's Facebook Page has over 1500 Followers.  Most are Rotarians, but many are not. Going forward we plan to use the district Facebook Page to help our clubs promote their events and celebrate their successes.
We need your help. With almost 50 clubs in the district it’s a challenge to keep-up with everything that is going on. If you’d like to have the district Facebook Page share a post about an event or a story from your club, please email the URL of the Facebook Post that’s on your club’s Facebook page to:  connect@rotary7080.org  
In fairness to all clubs, we can only share 3 or 4 posts, per club, per year.  Please send us your best stuff! (i.e. your biggest fundraiser, you biggest community events, etc..).  We’ll do our best to get them up on the district Facebook Page. We target 3 or 4 post per week, so there may be times when we get backed-up. Be patient, we promise to post what you send us.  On occasion, we may create a new version of your post in order make it work harder with a broader audience of followers.
Any questions? Feel free to reach us at:  connects@rotary7080.org
Here's how to get the URL of a Facebook Post: