Getting The Word Out!

Growing membership is not a simple task.  Shekhar Mehta’s call to action, “Each one, bring one”, is critical to our success but a multi-faceted approach is required to introduce new people to Rotary.   
So, what needs to happen first? In my view, building awareness of Rotary among a wide range of people who share our values and interests is vital to growing membership.  Inviting a friend to attend a club meeting is much easier when they already have a basic idea of what Rotary is, what we do, and the benefits of membership.   
To that end, the D7080 PR Committee has committed its full budget this year ($5,000) to fund targeted social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube. Thanks to the talent and energy of a team of Coop students from Sheridan College, eight video ads have been produced that showcase what Rotary is all about.  
Each ad illustrates the joy of fellowship while working on a Rotary project and speaks to one of the following topics: community service, the environment, international service and leadership.  Four of the ads are aimed at adults age 50 to 65, and four at adults aged 18 to 35. 
Thanks to the power of social media, each ad is targeted.  For instance, our ad that features Rotarians working in a community garden is aimed at those with an interest in the environment.  While the ad that shows Rotarians on a project trip to Guatemala is targeted at people with an interest in international development.  Plus the look of the ads is different, depending on the age of the target audience.  All ads are targeted at those living within the borders of our district.
Our social media ads allow viewers to click through to a specially developed webpage where they can learn more about Rotary.  Once there, they can opt to  provide their contact information to start a dialogue.  Better yet, they can have a “Live” chat with a member of our PR team to answer their immediate questions.  (Note: This feature is only available when the ads are actually running.) 
Best of all, we can track all impressions, clicks and contacts, so we can measure the campaign’s success. Results will be shared when the program ends in March. 
Below are the eight ads developed for the campaign. Please check them out. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below the You Tube ad.  
Target Age and Interests
Video Ad
Landing Page
Older Adults, Volunteering 
Older Adults, Environment
Older Adults, Environment
Older Adults, International
Young Adults, Leadership
Young Adults, Environment
Young Adults, Volunteering
Young Adults, International
The ad program launched on Dec 27th, 2021.  All contacts it generates will be forwarded to members of the D7080 Membership Committee. 
Submitted by: Dan Dubreuil
Director of the District 7080 PR Committee