Now that the province has lifted its ‘Stay-at-Home’ order, all Clubs within D7080 are encouraged to organize a Watershed Clean-up project.  As per the original program planned for April, this is a club-based initiative in support of Rotary’s newest area of focus, the environment.We encourage all clubs to do the following when planning their event:
  • Find a high traffic location within your city that needs some TLC.  The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup may be able to help you find a good location.  
  • Respect all guidelines regarding gathering outside during COVID-19. Be sure to check for the latest information from both provincial and municipal authorities.
  • Coordinate your event with local / municipal authorities, if required.  (e.g. Burlington Green)
  • Record your success using this form and email the results to James Weber.
  • Take lots of pictures of your event and email them to our PR Team.  We plan to develop a video collage of our efforts and post it on D7080 social media channels.  Please try to get ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, shots of signs that show the location, images of all the trash collected, and happy Rotarians at work!
We encourage all clubs to organize an event before the end of June, but any effort to make this happen throughout the summer months would be great!