The third 2019–20 RI Board of Directors meeting was held on 27–29 January 2020 at Rotary International World Headquarters in Evanston, IL USA. At this meeting, the Board reviewed nine committee reports and recorded 39 decisions.

Programs, Meetings, and Awards

The Board

  • established an annual Rotaract per capita dues fee structure of US$5.00 for university-based clubs and $8.00 for community-based clubs, beginning 1 July 2022 and agreed that the $50 one-time chartering fee for new Rotaract clubs will be eliminated beginning 1 July 2022;
  • clarifying its decision from October 2019 regarding a Rotaract age limit and in response to Rotaractor feedback and survey data, agreed that a Rotaract club may, but is not required to, establish upper age limits, provided that the club (in accordance with its bylaws) obtain the concurrence of its members and the sponsor club(s) (if applicable);
  • renamed Rotarian Action Groups to Rotary Action Groups and agreed to admit non-Rotarians as members of these groups;
  • to enhance Rotary's engagement with local communities, approved a non-Rotarian event concept for launch at the 2023 Melbourne convention;
  • selected the 2019–20 recipients for the Rotary Alumni Global Service Award and the Rotary Alumni Association of the Year Award, to be awarded at the 2020 Honolulu convention;
  • approved 147 recipients for the 2019–20 Service Above Self Award.

Administration and Finances

The Board

  • agreed to cease producing the Official Directory;
  • approved President-elect Knaack's proposed 2020–21 Rotary committee appointments, including his selection of Johrita Solari (USA) as vice president, Bharat Pandya (India) as treasurer, and Stephanie Urchick (USA) as Executive Committee chair;
  • approved the 2020–21 district governors funding budget of US$9.3 million.

Clubs and Districts

The Board

  • continued its review of a global membership test project that is not club-based;
  • reviewed six resolutions that were adopted by the 2019 Council on Resolutions.