Message from Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) John Gilvesy

This event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a great effort and commitment to the ideals of Rotary. It was a year ago on September 13, 2018 that a group of eight sat around a table to explore this idea to raise $1 million for The Rotary Foundation. Senior Major Gifts Officer and PDG John Stairs explained the MDD campaign process.
We did a little better than $1 million. In fact, during the campaign, we raised around $3.5M Canadian dollars or nearly $2.9 US dollars! This was the largest ever campaign total by a single District in Zone 24 east…and in all of Canada!
This is all in the name of Rotary…to improve lives and communities, in hopes for a better and more peaceful world. A huge thank you to all of our major donors. Efforts like this require both inspired and caring people. It also requires an enthusiastic team of committee members. I would like to thank our MDD campaign and dinner committee members who include:
PDG and Endowment Major Gifts Advisor (EMGA) John Stairs, PDG Norm Bindon, and District Foundation Director, SMGO Carolyn Ferguson, PDG Brian Carmichael, PDG Syd Harmon, DG Lesley Barmania, Chair Bev Trist Stewart, AG Susanne Zbinden, PP Linda Breault, PP and doer of all things Sandhya Maini, and Our MC for the evening DGE Dr. Michael Lawrie.
Cluster Captains: Leslie Waychison, Badar Shamim, Anand Sinha, Erica Tannenbaum, Knut Holmsen, Aldo Villanovich, Brian Hunter, Vino Khimasia, Claire Conway, Peter Stam, and our Assistant Governors.
Thank you to all! Thank you for inspiring others and making a real difference.
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