Congratulations to the 44 clubs in District 7080 who have successfully continued to meet online as they have not been able to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many clubs are reporting a higher attendance rate which is great news!  The provision of Zoom licenses by the District to each cluster has greatly facilitated this online activity, both at the club and cluster levels.  We must remember that it is still a requirement for clubs to meet, and especially important for us to carry on the work of Rotary during this time when the community needs us the most.
We know of a number of unique ideas that clubs have come up with for their own online activities. We are certain that there are others and thought it helpful to create a vehicle where clubs can post some of their unique online activities or learn what other clubs are doing that they may be able to adopt in their online activities. 
Please take moment to visit our new online resource. 
We’d appreciate any and all feedback. 
Remember to also share your ideas by posting on our District Facebook Community site at
Brian Bennett and Brian Carmichael
District 7080 Membership