As you might be aware we have 111 reported cases of polio cases worldwide whereas last year we had 650. There are three endemic countries where polio still exists; Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. India was declared polio free in January and is no longer considered an endemic country as long there are no new cases reported within the next two years.

There is an urgency for Rotarians world wide to continue to raise funds for Polioplus more than ever.

All Rotarians in Canada have received a newsletter from Past RI president Wilf Wilkinson and Dr. Bob Scott, RI Chair, PolioPlus urging you to write to your M.P. asking the government of Canada to increase its funding.

I am happy to inform you that CIDA approached Rotary regarding a possibility of collaborating on a short term fundraiser for global polio eradication in which CIDA would match funds raised by Rotary up to $1 million. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has expressed an interest in further leveraging this match by providing up to an additional $1 million, thus giving us a potential total of $3 million for our good work for global polio eradication efforts. If we fail to provide the necessary funds there is the possibility of increased polio cases.

We will again celebrate World Polio Day on Wednesday, 24th October.

The clubs in the GO Train areas will again participate by handing out brochures to raise awareness.

Here are some ideas of how you may promote World Polio Day.

-Create your own "This Close" ad
-Host a walk, run or bike-a-thon in your committee.
-Send out press releases about your event.
-Download World Polio Day Proclamation from the RI website and ask your town or city to commentate World Polio Day on Wednesday, 24th October.
-Invite a polio survivor to speak to your club or clusters.

Rotary Club of Cambridge North will be working with the local hockey team in promoting World Polio Day.

I am working with Rotarians throughout the District. Please lend a hand and promote World Polio Day on Wednesday, 24th October.

The last 1% will be the most difficult to eradicate.