With COVID-19 imposing limitations on the ability of the Rotaract Club of Mississauga to hold meetings and host fundraisers, club members sought out a way that they could continue to stay engaged with one another and raise funds for the good of the community.
Beginning in May, the club recruited friends, family members, neighbours and other Rotarians to donate their empty cans and bottles to be returned to the Beer Store for a small profit.
To members’ great delight, hundreds of bottles and cans were, and continue to be, donated to the club. Hundreds of dollars have already been raised, with more sure to come. The funds will be used to strengthen the local community and build the Rotaract club. 
Through this initiative, the club not only wanted to raise funds, but also wanted to encourage proper recycling of these materials in order do their part to protect the environment. The Rotaract Club of Mississauga sends a sincere thank you to everyone who has donated their time and/or empties in support of this fundraiser.