For several years Rotarians and Rotaractors around the world have been discussing how to elevate Rotaract and recognize their clubs as equal partners in service. Rotaractors have offered their ideas to the Board through RI’s Rotaract Committee, at the annual Rotaract Pre-convention, and through online surveys and focus groups — and it was time to take action.
As Rotaract evolved over the years it became clear that it was more than just a program and Rotaractors wanted more flexibility, more products and services, and more recognition from Rotary for the amazing work they’re doing in their clubs, districts, and multi-districts. After the 2019 Council on Legislation voted to officially recognize Rotaract clubs as a membership type, the president appointed the Elevate Rotaract Task Force to discuss how to update Rotaract policies to reflect this new status and create an inclusive, innovative, and flexible membership experience.
Effective 1 July, 2020, the following changes to RI Code of Policies will take effect:
  • Rotaract clubs will be able to establish a new club with or without a sponsor.
  • Rotaract clubs will able to choose other Rotaract clubs as their sponsors.
  • Rotaract clubs will be open to all young adults at least 18 years old.
  • Rotaract policies will be moved from chapter V, “Programs,” to a revised chapter II, “Clubs.”
  • The Standard Rotaract Club Constitution and the Recommended Rotaract Club Bylaws will be amended to reflect these policy changes.
  • Rotary districts are encouraged to include Rotaractors in every district committee.
With these changes Rotary International hopes to achieve the following by 2022:
  • Increase the number of Rotaractors  by 100%
  • Increase the number of Rotaractors who join Rotary clubs by 20%
  • Increase the number of Rotaractors to 1 million
District 7080 is fully committed to supporting these goals and plans to make the growth of Rotaract an important part of its upcoming strategic plan.
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