Dean Rutty, Youth Exchange Committee Chair, 2019-2021 
As you all know, our District Youth Exchange Program is currently suspended. Our District Committee recently met via Zoom with our 8 anxious yet patient outbounds (the group that would have been abroad right now had it not been for the pandemic), and they, as are we, cautiously optimistic that the program can resume for 2021-22. Obviously many factors have to fall into place, including vaccine accessibility, resumption of safe air travel, ability to live with host families and attend school, and granting of visas. It is too early to tell if this will be the case.
I ask you to keep in mind that former Exchange students make exceptional speakers for your weekly Rotary club meetings. They not only provide a glimpse of life in another country, they offer tremendous insight into how Youth Exchange benefits communities and Rotary clubs. Zoom also makes it easy for your club to have a “reunion” of past Exchange students- how exciting to find out how their lives have changed since their Exchange!
Please email me and we will be pleased to arrange a wonderful speaker for your meeting.