Every November, Rotary Day at the United Nations highlights the humanitarian activities that Rotary and the UN lead around the world.  In past years, members have spent the day at UN headquarters in New York City or one of the organization’s other offices where they hear keynote speakers and share information.
Rotary holds the highest consultative status offered to a nongovernmental organization by the UN’s Economic and Social Council, which oversees many specialized UN agencies. The Rotary Representative Network maintains and furthers its relationship with several UN bodies, programs, commissions, and agencies. This network consists of Rotary International representatives to the United Nations and other organizations. The Rotary Representative Network is made up of 32 members from a variety of countries. Together with its programs and agencies, it enhances Rotary’s visibility within the international community.  Here is a partial list of UN entities where Rotary is represented:
  • WHO: The World Health Organization
  • The World Bank (Washington DC)
  • UNESCO:  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • UNICEF: The United Nations Children's Fund
  • WFP: The World Food Program
To learn more about Rotary Day at the UN please go to: https://www.rotary.org/en/un-day
Source: Rotary Magazine, October 2020