Posted on May 09, 2017

Here’s Your Chance to be Part of the Action in 2018

As of May 13, 2017 you will be able to register yourself to become a Volunteer/Ambassador at the Toronto 2018 Rotary International Convention.
This is a great way to expand your Rotary Convention experience and make it truly international. You will meet Rotarians from all around the world, make new acquaintances and even some long lasting friendships.
The Toronto 2018 HOC Volunteer opportunity is open to Rotarians, their friends and family members.
Toronto 2018 is offering its visitors “INSPIRATION AROUND EVERY CORNER”, be part of that Inspiration by being a great Ambassador as you volunteer at the convention.
On site volunteers will have to be registered for the convention. There are also a number of off-site volunteer roles which do not require registering for the convention.

There often is a lot of demand for certain volunteer roles so be sure to register early to get the job that you have always wanted!
Please keep in mind you will be offering your services as a Toronto 2018 Host Organizing Committee Volunteer/Ambassador. Convention Sargent at Arms are managed directly by Rotary International.
As with all volunteer roles being managed by the Toronto 2018 Host Organizing Committee you will be provided with advance training and eye catching clothing and accessories that will surely set you apart from the crowd.
Sign up as soon as you can, you are guaranteed a good time and a wonderful experience.
Please go to and fill in your request to volunteer.
Thanks so much,

Michele Guy & Michael Cooksey
Co-Chairs Toronto 2018 HOC
Click here to download in PDF format to share with your club