These unprecedented times have forced Rotary clubs around the world to reinvent many of their events and fundraising activities. Palgrave Rotary club is proud to have embraced this challenge and successfully developed a fundraiser that replaced income lost to the pandemic, facilitated continued interaction between the club and the community we serve most immediately, and provided a much-needed dose of Christmas cheer!
A committee led by our newest member, Angie McDowell, sourced some beautiful, locally-grown Christmas trees and poinsettias and sold them online with a predetermined pick-up time to ensure public safety. Our Rotarians were ready to assist with pick-up and operated our infamous Chuckwagon, serving hot chocolate, sausages and a few other tasty treats. The event raised more than $2000.00.

Additionally, a local family, the Merceiras, also offered to partner with our club and donate funds raised at their light show.  Thanks to their generosity, $4300 in donations were collected at the light show.