The Rotary Passport Club South has teamed up with Rotaractors and young professionals in the community to kick-off their second cohort of the Young Professionals Mentorship Program. 
The program aims to connect young professionals with Rotarians and provide opportunities for both mentors and mentees to acquire new skills and knowledge. 
The program started off as a pilot program last year with six mentor-mentee matches. After a successful year, the program now has eleven mentor-mentee matches during cohort two. Only one month into the mentorship program and the mentees have seen immense value already!
Testimonial from 2020-2021 Mentee Annie Yang:
"I would say Patricia has been an exceptional mentor to me! She always supports me and encourages me to be more confident especially upon job seeking. She also connected me with people in different  professions to help me explore more opportunities. Her kindness and willingness to help out in every way has truly showed me the essence of Mentorship! This experience has been invaluable and I recommend everyone to join this amazing program! 
Testimonial from 2020-2021 Nav Bains:
"I had initially joined the mentee/mentorship program in efforts to receive guidance with my career goals in respect to preparing for interviews, networking tips and and goal setting techniques. I have met with my mentor twice so far and we hit the ground running! Through my mentor's contacts, I have been able to receive an interview opportunity, receive critical feedback on my resume, and reflect with my mentor on the pits and peaks of interviews, including how I may be able to prepare for future opportunities. I am currently working on creating a specific goal that I want to be able to achieve. I am finding that more than anything, my mentor acts as a guiding light. They are very supportive and offer me excellent advice every step of the way. My mentor also has their own goals and programs that they take to further themselves within their personal and professional life. Through this we come together and I find a healthy give and take. I am able to also offer advice to my mentor and we exchange healthy dialogue from which I see both of us benefiting from. 
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