District Role Opportunities
Role:                D7080 Interact Chair
Availability:     Immediate
Area:                District 7080 
Term:               1 Rotary year renewable for a maximum of 3 years     
Contact:          wrjpugh@gmail.com 
The District Interact chair administers the Interact program and ensures that all clubs submit contact information to Rotary International every year. The Interact chair finds innovative ways to connect Interact clubs with one another and to strengthen the link between Interact and Rotary. The chair also leads the district Interact Committee, which supports Interact clubs and consists primarily of Rotary and Rotaract members. The committee promotes Interact, encourages new clubs and provides local support for clubs. The committee also plans activities and leadership training events for Interact members.
If you would like to be involved in any district committee as a member, please contact the Committee Chair.
Contact information is available on the District Organization Chart.