The first step towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada is to understand the Truth so we as Rotarians need to focus on self-education.  One way to start your education journey is to read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Reports[insert hyperlink to TRC Reports page]  They provide an extraordinary resource to non-indigenous Canadians to learn about the history and lasting impacts of the Canadian Indian residential school system on Indigenous students and their families. 
CIRCLE’s vision is to foster dialogue and relationships between indigenous communities and clubs in Rotary International District 7080.  Our mission is to act as a resource group to 7080 clubs who wish to enlarge their knowledge about indigenous traditions, culture and protocol.
Does your Club want to learn more about Canadian indigenous traditions, culture and protocol?  Is your Club thinking about creating a committee focused on Indigenous issues and projects?  Is your Club looking for an opportunity to support an Indigenous project?
If your Club’s answer to any of these questions is yes, you can get started by checking out our Truth & Reconciliation Reports, Resources, Projects and Events pages.  And please feel free to contact us.  CIRCLE hopes to facilitate your journey by:
  • Providing you with the schedule for upcoming CIRCLE meetings and information sessions
  • Putting you in touch with Indigenous committee members at other 7080 clubs
  • Providing you with information about current and planned projects, as well as projects that have been completed
  • Connecting you to Indigenous resource groups
  • Helping you find speakers and/or presenting at one of your Club meetings
Please contact John Lomax, CIRCLE Committee Chair.