"A few months ago the Rotary Passport Club took on one of the Think Tank challenges proposed by Community Service D7080. They looked at where Rotarians could help the many people who suffer from isolation. Obviously, the elderly come first to mind. But, equally important are the young who also face the problems of isolation. One of the biggest challenges was to find the people that most needed the help. Then came covid-19.  
There is a certain irony. It is now not just the elderly and the young who are at risk of isolation.  It's just about everybody. If working to improve the lives of those suffering with isolation before was important... it is now crucial." - John Westcott, member of the Passport club and this Think Tank
Social Isolation Think Tank Ideas: (click on images or links to access or play)
1.  Adopt a Grandparent Program:
submitted by Lina Sakkab, member of the Passport South RC

2.  Calgary High School students launch a positive message hotline for seniors:
submitted by John Westcott, Passport South RC
3.  A personal story from The Kindness Pandemic: 
"This story begins a few years back while driving a local bus route I pick up a couple of young guys in their late teens to early twenties. I notice one of the guys takes an interest in one of the elderly lady passengers on my bus. I overhear the guy inform this lady that she bears a striking resemblance to his grandmother who recently moved interstate and then goes on to confess that he misses her terribly. He pushes the buzzer for his stop but then offers his mobile number to this lady to help her with any odd jobs she may need done...

Skip ahead to last week where I recognise the elderly lady as she boards my bus. My curiosity prompts me to confess that I was the driver on duty when she met the young man a few years back and I ask how things have been going. She smiles at me then essentially tells me that day changed her life, because for the last few years this young man has been a shining beacon in her life. He mows her small lawn once a week without fail, and due to his work sometimes taking him interstate a backup friend will do it for her instead. She receives at least 2 calls a week to check she is OK as well as a couple of social visits including a few basic groceries. He has recently been working interstate and been unable to see her, due to boarder closures,but has called most nights checking on her health. In his absence he has scheduled friends and family to make “social distancing” visits to her making sure she has, not only necessities, but responsible human contact. The young man’s whole family has also befriended her as well and she just met the young mans grandmother last Christmas for the first time. - I personally think THIS kind of pandemic should spread...well done young man, well done." 
~ Garn Pari via The Kindness Pandemic
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