These recommendations are provided as a guide to the District Membership Committee to help achieve the following goals:
  • The purpose of the District Membership Committee is to help and support clubs in their efforts to grow and maintain membership.
  • Develop a comprehensive, clear understanding of the concepts and language used to describe Membership in District 7080.
  • Outline a proposed Membership Committee Structure that provides maximum help on Membership issues to all clubs in the district.
  • Identify and develop a list of hands-on, practical tools to be provided to clubs in dealing with their membership challenges.
1. New Club Support
  • Become aware and knowledgeable of the new club’s members.
  • Understand their issues and challenges
  • Provide mentoring support
  • Be a link to other clubs and the AG in the area.
  • Liaise with district resources.
2. New Member Orientation
  • Develop and or source a New Member Kit
  • Identify ‘best practices’ on Orientation in the district
  • Create and or develop an Orientation for New Rotarians that can be presented to:
  • New members in a cluster
  • New members in a club
  • Train a local club member to present to their new club members.
3. Demographics
  • Develop or source (from current best practices in the district) a template for community analysis.

  • Provide support to clubs for using and interpreting the data.

  • Help identify likely targets in the clubs recruitment strategy

4. Resource Development
  • Review resources available on-line especially through the RI web site.
  • Identify promotional tools available in the community.
  • Source other promotional tools available in the district such as video, brochures etc.
5. Strengthening Clubs, Clubs in Crisis – Intervention
  • Research and identify an intervention process for clubs in difficulty.
  • Help to determine critical areas of concern.
  • Determine opportunities for rejuvenation and growth.
  • Liaise and provide support from district resources.
Tools and Resources 
All of these tools and resources are currently available. Some are in a more complete state than others. There is a need to outline each in a catalogue format with descriptions of their content, how to use and how to access.
  1. Visioning – Strategic Planning
  2. Learning Resources: RLI, CLT,
  3. Orientation Program
  4. Club Health Analysis Tools/profiles
  5. Mentoring Process
  6. Succession Plan/Process
  7. Membership Training Workshop
  8. How to use on-line resources – RI etc.