Submitted by Sandra Lawson
The Ingersoll Rotary Club wanted to share our Club's Christmas Celebration during this difficult year. This Christmas the club brought Santa to the People after having to cancel their traditional Santa Claus Parade. This small parade covered 85 km of the Town over five nights and had over 3000 people track our GPS location.
This short video clip shows the essence of the parade that included Oxford OPP, local media partners, Crime Stoppers, Ingersoll Fire Services and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus. The parade also made it into "Some Good News with John Krasinski" Holiday special.
Mother Nature cooperated with five nights of clear weather and we were overwhelmed by the people that waited at the end of their driveways to see Santa. It warmed our hearts to see the thousands of smiles and we encountered not just children jumping up and down and shouting for Santa but young adults and seniors dancing on their front porches, clapping along to the music and waving to Santa.
Our final night of the parade was dedicated to one of our Fire Service volunteers who participated on the first night of the parade. He suffered a severe cardiac incident two days after participating in the parade. He is home now but it reminds us that Christmas is about gratitude for the ones we love.
I hope this video brings you the joy and the magic of the Christmas season.