Physician Programs (HPIC) is well known in the Rotary world and receives support from many pharmaceutical companies and Rotary clubs.  For many years Rotary  or Rotaract clubs   from Montreal or  London or Oakville who've in fact sponsored the kits for the groups I 'vet led.   They cost $575 and they're packed with meds appropriate to the known needs of the destination community and good for a few hundred people.  Their head office is in Montreal for Canada and their distribution centre is in Mississauga.  They are a very fine , well-known, reputable organization worthy of Rotary 7080 support as well…  on the emergency wish list from our Nepal  Rotary friend there are med packs.   HPIC kits would be  ideal.  Please read the message from HPIC below.
HPIC has essential medicines and medical supplies packed and ready to go for medical professionals, teams and NGOs travelling to the region. Each Emergency Physician Travel Pack (for use by medical professionals and NGOs) includes up to 600 treatments, and will help you provide much needed primary care for survivors.

Our experience has shown that our PTPs are very appropriate for emergency relief operations. These portable "clinics-in-a-kit" contain a standard assortment of essential medicines and medical supplies. Consult this sample packing list for your information. If taking 10 PTPs or more, your kits could be customized.
We expect to have some emergency funding to provide more emergency PTPs to our established partners. HPIC requests a contribution of $575 for each PTP. For partners taking 10 or more emergency Physician Travel Packs, we will only request a $500 contribution per PTP.
If you can't travel to Nepal, please support HPIC's medical relief efforts. Every $1 donated to HPIC provides at least $10 of essential medicines.
Please contact me if you need more information or would like assistance in completing the application form.
Kind regards,
Claudia Sighomnou
Director, Physician Programs
Tel: 514-822-1112  x 129